TodoLujo is your reference website to choose how to live this life, which you only have one, of opulence, if your wealth allows for it, but also, with a little imagination, how you can live well above your means without your savings suffering at all, through affordable luxury. One thing’s for sure, you didn’t come into this world to suffer hardship. Part of it is believing that it is possible, and on this select blog, yes, anything is possible and dreams are not always just dreams.

This lifestyle can really be broken down into a few categories and it’s easy, if you read carefully what we’re going to break down for you, to discern what can make you tick. Here is a summary of what you will find in

Luxury Tourism

The corner for travellers with potential and tourists for whom budget is not only not a problem, but a blessing.

If you have a lot of money for your holidays but you don’t know where to start or how to decide for a type of tourism or activity or simply for a specific destination, this section will give you the push you need. We highlight the following categories and tips for high-end holidaymakers:

  • Types of luxury cars
  • The world’s most exclusive destinations
  • Views accessible to only a few

Rich Stuff

All those unclassifiable eccentricities, also called caprices, that any of us would afford to buy from time to time if we had infinite pocket funds. They don’t need to have a specific use, or even to be beautiful or technologically advanced. And if we haven’t yet reached that purchasing power, some of the tips we’ve included can help you achieve that level of wealth. Take a look:

Hitting the jackpot –

Luxury fountain pens for a writing worthy of your ancestors

Luxury Fashion

They say that some people are fooled by appearances and that even if certain monkeys are dressed in silky outfits, they are still just monkeys. But my friends, when we put it all together to form our own lifestyle, attitude and, in short, personality, it’s not that we are fashionable, it’s that we are the ones who create trends and set the tone. If you follow these guidelines that we highlight to make up your way of dressing and being, you will be able to transform yourself into what you have always wanted to become.

Chinese Online Shops

Sticking to the good life also means staying at home and buying all the treats you want, no matter how far away they come from. That’s why at we will take the time to analyse for you all the online shops coming from Asia, which usually offer much lower prices than usual, unlimited inventory and access to items of all kinds and more global trends. Here are just a few Chinese sites where you should shop:

  • FarFetch
  • DealeXtreme
  • Banggood
  • Zaful
  • GearBest
  • Chinavasion (dropshipping)
  • Luxury Shopping at Farfetch
  • C2C Shopping on Taobao

Luxurious Means of Transport

We already have in our heads the idea of where we want to travel to, what we want to wear, what souvenirs we want to buy at our destination but…. But how do we want to get there? Well, obviously, in first class, with the best attention, maximum comfort and, why not, with all the luxuries, showing off driving or piloting or captaining our own transport. Don’t tell me they are not beautiful means of transport:

  • To be happy I want a yacht
  • It’s not superman, it’s a plane
  • Your Blue Thunder
  • Cruise Speed

Luxury Hotels and Properties

We’re missing accommodation, and if it’s in a royal suite, all the better, but you may also be thinking of buying a private property that will be the envy of Beverly Hills. And if that doesn’t suit you, you can always end up selling it to a famous billionaire to continue your life’s journey from one luxury hotel to the next in the most secluded paradises.

Gourmet Hospitality and Catering

We have emptied our pockets but we have to fill our stomachs with the best delicacies and delicatessen. If you are too lazy to prepare your own cocktails and cook your own osso buco, there are countless professionals in the luxury sector who will be more than willing to suggest and recommend tasting experiences reserved for the most select palates. Allow us to be one of those professionals: