Where to buy luxury replica watches

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Replica products have earned tons of good reputation and exposure for the last years. There are all kind of providers of cheap watches, designer replica clothing, brand name shoes and much more.

With more and more merchants selling products on a brand name, the costs have increased dramatically. We have already explained in this article which are the best wholesale clothing and accessories stores. Now let’s get more specific and break down the imitation watches market.

For the same product, the branded item costs 3-5 times more, as is logical. While its replica (albeit mostly low quality) is sold at a more affordable price. Let’s make it clear that in reality these are two completely different products even though they have external similarities and, as such, have different prices.

While buying a replica watch or any other non-genuine item, you will have to be very careful whether the product is worth it or not and whether the seller is legit or not. Of course, there are also cheap genuine designer watches to buy online.

There can be many reasons why dealers choose to sell cheap replica watches. If you are one of them, this guide will help you to know and deal with the best and most reputable fake watches websites (word is not completely accurate since they can be kind of cloned but authentic at the same time).

It is about knowing the potential buyers and what kind of customers would like to buy replica watches for themselves or for wholesaling.

Why buying replica watches from China?

China is currently an import center for almost everything. The low costs and the ease of obtaining any type of product from China are the two main factors for this. China has one of the largest consumer products industries. So if you have a plan to wholesale replica watches, it could be worth it. You just need to be aware of what you are buying.

Chinese manufacturers are really good at replicating any original designer or product for a fraction of the price. This makes China the only place to buy the lowest priced items, especially cheap replica websites.

Ordering watches from China shouldn’t be a shipping problem. You can get original or true to original designer watches for just a few dollars wholesale and sell them to your thirsty customers who want the feeling of wearing high quality at a low price. It is not the same to answer what the time is with a digital watch, with all due respect, than with one with glitter and luxury features.

Another factor is the variety of designer watches you can find from Chinese suppliers. You will have hundreds and thousands of collections of all kinds of legitimate replicas from luxury brands like Rolex, Hublot, Cartier, Omega, Mont Blanc, Garmin and more. In this article we are going to leave smart watches aside, but you can also find incredible Asian designs of that type.

When buying imitation watches from China, you might be doubting the quality of the original watch. Chinese manufacturers are really good at finishing the final product.

Top 10 Websites to Buy Replica Watches in China

Buying watches online can usually mean risks and problems. There are different grades in replica products from best to worst. The best replica watches might cost a bit more than those that don’t meet quality checks and work properly. Therefore, you must be very careful when selecting the right supplier to import from China.

Interested in who sells the best replica watches in China? All these Chinese stores also sell cheap watches, but now we will list here the top 10 specific online stores to buy them from.

1. DhGate

DhGate is a leader in the online B2C eCommerce marketplace connecting buyers and sellers. There are many small merchants on Dhgate selling famous luxury brand replica watches. They are more imitations than originals. Therefore, you will get the same watch sampler but with some other company logo to avoid confusion.

2. AliExpress

The recommendation of the leader in the sale of clone watches in Asia could not be missing, and that by the time you are reading these lines, it will possibly begin to be so in the rest of the world, thanks to AliExpress Prime and its commitment to ship in a maximum of 3 days to any part of the planet.

We give you some advice to find the desired wig: use the price filters, delivery in 3 days and rating 4 stars or more.

3. Amazon.com

Ehem!…okay, it’s not a Chinese store BUT it is a marketplace where many small and large Asian businesses advertise. We already know all the advantages that being able to use Amazon has for suppliers and buyers, so

it is mandatory to include it in any shopping list (for basically absolutely everything, not just watches).

4. Chinabrands (deprecated)

Chinabrands was a recognized Chinese supplier and overall category leader since 2007. They even were a leader in importing fashion and other products from China at some point but for now it’s not possible to access their site.

With over 500,000 products on their website, you had a wide choice to buy anything you can think of. Chinabrands believed in original and quality products. We mention Chinabrands honorably despite not being available at this stage because they provided the cheapest real wholesale price anyone could offer, or at least they said so on their page. So, after all, it’s important to get to know the whole story.

Their strong control over product quality and excellent after-sales service set them apart from others. They also had a great collection of cheap luxury watches that you could buy right at their site.

For dropshipping sellers and wholesale buyers they were integrated in more than 20 markets. You coud easily import all your desired clocks with one click. They also provided CB reward points for their prestigious buyers to get even more discounts on future purchases.

Some data as a summary to get an idea of ​​the size this online business once was:

40 global warehouses in 12 countries
Covered more than 100 categories
All products passed 100% inspection and quality control
500,000 orders per day
Shipping to more than 200 countries

5. China Noob Watch

This is a factory in Guangzhou who are professional Swiss watch manufacturers. They have over 4,000 quality replica watches with real Swiss movements. The watches look unbelievably the same as the original luxury brands but make it clear that they are not, of course. Swiss movement watches are quite rigid and quality watches.

They also have a new collection of Hublot Mechanical and Automatic watches that you can check out in their listings.

6. ReplicaMagic

ReplicaMagic is a reputable website for selling replica watches. They are manufacturers of quality replica watches and are sold in Europe, the US, the UK and Asia. They offer a similar look and shine to Rolex, Tag Heuer, Omega, Mont Blanc and more. With the guarantee of close quality and material.

Although they offer free worldwide shipping on all orders, we recommend doing a simple Google search to check which countries and languages ​​they are currently available in.

They also show feedback from their buyers which is very positive. That means you can immediately trust them to buy luxury designer watches wholesale or for your own use.

7. BurWatches (deprecated)

Web based exclusively on the sale of quality replica watches for women. You can buy watches in the style of a Rolex for an amount that will surprise you. They have a great collection of Lady Replica watches that you can also give as a gift for Christmas or Valentine’s Day. Other than that, his watch collection consists of Breitling and Tag Heuer types.

The best selling luxury watches are Rolex, Omega and Tag Heuer. You can check their catalog to see if they are faithful to their style.

8. Milanuncios

Who does not know Milanuncios in Spain, LATAM and even Miami? … and again, like Amazon, it is not a Chinese online store per se, but a website for the sale of second-hand items, where you will find many that originally come from there, and not only used watches, also new, from small merchants who sell them at reasonable prices, never worn, of course. Take a look because the inventory is counted by the hundreds and there are real bargains that do not last long before being acquired.

9. HonWatch

They boast of having “the best replica watches in the world.” Instead of giving an analysis, this time I transcribe its brand mantra in the form of a warning and I leave you to judge for yourselves browsing its website.

We sell high-quality replica watches to meet your needs. Many Rolex Replicas are, even to expert eyes, a perfect reproduction of the real thing. The production process of a replica is very delicate, everything is finely crafted and absolutely perfect. It’s getting harder and harder to tell what’s real and what’s replica. Even experienced dealers can be fooled.

10. Perfect Watches

Perfect Watches is a reliable and cheap site from China. They have the best quality Hublot replicas and offer Swiss quality watches at the cheapest price.

Rolex replicas are everywhere but Perfect Watches wants to make sure you only get the best quality watch so you don’t have to regret it.

With a high level of construction and optimum performance, their watches are well worth the investment. Buy something so useful and worthy for your customers and they will come back to you.

5 cheap replica watches under €50 that you can buy wholesale now

You can save a lot (and reinvest) if you or your clients don’t care about brands. First of all we would like to tell you that there are 3 types of replica watches.

Swiss movement

Mainly sold by trusted Chinese manufacturers. They are classified as the best quality cheap replica watches. They are made from 904L stainless steel, titanium, or ceramic and have incredible build quality for the price. They are also known as 1:1 clone watches.

Japanese movements

They are a bit inferior to Swiss watches. But they are made of stainless steel and are known as AAA quality replica watches.

Asian movement

It is the least popular and lowest quality replica watch available. They are made of cheap alloy material. We do not recommend buying replica watches from this category.

Let’s take a look at some of the high-quality and cheap replica watches you can buy for less than $50 or €50.

1. Rolex Submariner type men’s watch

This Rolex Submariner type luxury designer watch is one of the cheap replica watches from China. It has a Japanese movement and is made of a polished and brushed stainless steel case. The crystal is sapphire crystal and glows in the dark. It is priced at $29.99 with free shipping depending on the country.

For more information, here are the best Rolex replicas on the market.

2. Lacoste Designer type watch

The Lacoste fashions gold plated designer replica watch features a stainless steel bracelet and is a round face. It is a very high quality replica watch with water resistance up to 5ATM or 50 meters.

It features a brand embellished bezel and the dial features hour markers and clock accents that are powered by quartz movement.

3. Michael Kor replica watch

This high-quality, budget-style women’s replica watch from Michael Kor comes with rose plating. The elegance of this watch is beyond imagination. The sparkling stone set and quality sparkling dial add to the beauty of the watch. The watch band comes with a push button closure for easy opening or closing.

4. Rolex Yacht Master Style Watch

Rolex Yacht Master is a cultural thing associated with the spirits of sailors. It combines fashion and style for those who love sailing. The new Yacht Master inspiration model brings the best technology designed specifically for yacht competitions. This is something you can test for a very specific targeted audience and get some good sales.

5. Replica Louis Vuitton Style Diamond Watch

The Louis Vuitton replica watch comes with a beautifully designed diamond bezel and is 18k gold plated. A little more expensive than others around $50 but it comes with Swiss quartz movement which is supposed to be the best quality in replica watches. It is water resistant and has the crown piece with rubber and ring. A magnificent beauty in the list of replica watches.


We have listed these top 10 e-commerce sites for replica watches. Now it is your choice to see which of them to consider for your business. They have a wide variety of brand name watches and luxury brands available.

They are trusted websites today. But you must see and compare the prices and search and read the shipping times well to make the right decision.

  • Will I have problems buying watches in China and reselling them?

Well, to be honest, it is not recommended to buy non-genuine watches and then sell them. Analyze the website that sells replica items well first and make sure they are their own and trustworthy.

Let’s note that imitation watches look a lot like any luxury brand watch, but use their own logo or trademark. In no case the originals

Because they are NOT the same.

Depending on each country, one or another commercial licenses are required to manufacture and/or sell products that follow the trends or styles of the big brands that we all know. It is advisable to also get good information from the competent authorities of the country of residence and sale.

Therefore, you should try to avoid buying or selling watches that do not comply with the relevant regulations. So that said, only original products.

Matching your watch

Once you can show off your wig, it’s time to combine it with your favorite jewels or to buy them following our soon to come guide and to combine all this with a perfume of almost identical equivalence to those of big brands

And remember that all these purchases can be made online from any of your devices, including the replica Chinese mobiles that we will talk about in short at Todolujo.