The Best 27 Replica Wholesale Online Shops…Reliable!

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  • Where exactly are those people who get designer handbags at ridiculous prices?

Are you looking for a place to buy or wholesale these factory luxury imitations? It is not an easy task, right? This is because the best online replica wholesalers are not usually very prone to making public appearances.

Well, if they don’t let themselves be seen, go find them! This article can help you find their clues and learn all about buying wholesale cloned products.

We researched and collected the best 27 replica and imitation online stores, no matter if you want to buy luxury replica handbags , “brand” clothes or designer shoes, you can definitely find what you need here, and even discover little gems of this type of online store, Chinese perhaps, without risk and that falls within the “affordable luxury” concept.

Let’s begin!

We will list, separately, first the wholesalers and replica suppliers who buy luxury handbags in bulk, then those specializing in imitation clothing and women’s and men’s shoes that are virtually the same as the authentic brand name, and finally other websites that count with other items stocks or accessories such as watches.

Online stores to buy imitation bags


Aliexpress’s reputation is beyond question, but you haven’t heard enough about them. This Alibaba wholesale business is like the eBay of China. It is a collection of many suppliers that offer a wide range of wholesale products, Chinese replica phones , watches, jewelry and of course, the bags that you want to find.

Most of what they sell is at a VERY GOOD price, maybe even more suitable for reselling in your own business, if that’s what you’re looking for. But imitations of brand name bags and famous designers are also surprisingly cheap. If you need to get a wholesale replica from China, you can definitely come here.

At Aliexpress you can pay with Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, QIWI, Boleto, etc.


This is another website, if you want to buy wholesale replica handbags, where we also find that the China wholesale replica buying channels are very extensive, and the headquarters of Dhgate is China.

Currently, DHgate offers more than 40 million products and serves more than 10 million buyers from more than 220 countries around the world . It is similar to Alibaba and has the same business model for wholesale buyers and sellers. It also provides direct service to the final consumer.

DHgate focuses on small b2b platforms. Because they offer a small MOQ, they are actually primarily an online comparator for wholesalers and retailers.

Designer replicas like Balenciaga are here as it has a lot of replica manufacturers coming from China.

Main logistics transportation: CHINAPOSTAIR, CHINAPOSTSAL, DHL, EMS, Airmail
The main payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, Credit Card, Moneybookers, Bank Transfer.

3. Alibaba

When we talk about wholesalers, we must recommend Alibaba as a powerful wholesale company, like the genie in the lamp.

Alibaba is one of the sites that can help you buy wholesale imitation products.

A famous collection of replica products, Taobao, is a company owned by Alibaba. has between 5 and 10 million registered buyers on its website. It wholesales products worldwide, with a large number of suppliers from China, giving the site a strong competitive advantage.

You can get the replica bags at a cheap price if you work at scale and in volume.

Main logistics transportation: UPS, FedEx, DHL, TNT, EMS, TOLL, e-EMS, ePacket, China Post Registered Air Mail and so on.
The main payment methods: credit cards, T/T, Western Union, debit card, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, bank transfer, electronic check payment, etc.

Online replicas wholesalers for buying clothes


HEY! If Alibaba was the fucking master, Amazon is, at the very least, the king of fucking mambo, of course. Amazon caters to an endless range of needs for sellers as well as the replica industry, especially in the US and UK. Some of the items that you can find at the fashion section are their own designs from small workshops and brands that have nothing to envy the originals and are less expensive.

It is one of the largest suppliers of replica designer clothing worldwide, with the most affordable price on these products. They provide merchants with a different list of available copy products and platforms that they can access, join or offer membership to. From Dropshipping to affiliate programs.

The company offers transportation services to the customer’s location and has flexible payment options.


From the name it is clear that this company is all about t-shirts.

Just like the first website, you can find ways here to wholesale or buy imitation clothes with unique personality.

The difference is that the products involved in this website are more routine and universal. More… let’s say, mundane, in a good way, because it’s totally reliable. Most of these marketplaces offer wholesale  deals, for example for the purchase of original t-shirts, recreating styles similar to more famous or emerging brands in the market or even simulating designs coming from artists of different industries.

If next level of custom T.shirts is what you are looking, you design them through GiPiTi-Shirts.


This is a good online wholesale replica site. On this website, you can find many different styles of designer clothes that are similar to big name brands but at a reasonable price:

The interesting thing about this site is that it does not directly provide you with cheap buyers, but only gives you access to a wholesale or buying channel.

Therefore, merchants can initially find replica designer clothing and even other true-to-original products and affiliate with various suppliers from there.

7. LovelyWholeSale

Where to buy replica clothing? The next replica site I want to present is this one. Founded in 2011, this wholesale website is a wholesaler from China. It has a lot of wholesale brand name clothing to choose from, as well as some replica designer suits like Calvin Klein and younger brands like Pacha and Chupa Chups.

It not only provides cheap replica clothing for business, but also luxurious quality.

8. Pop Fashion Store

This replicas online store provides you with designer clothing inventory from very powerful brands. You can choose designer clothes for men, women and even children. Although those are imitated products, they are completely satisfactory for the price of the dealer.

Online Shoe Wholesale Stores


This is a global online marketplace and used to be one of the best website for replica shoes, now under deep transformation.

We can wholesale and sell just about anything on There are currently over 1 million items sold with thousands of active buyers and sellers.

If you want to buy authentic but imitation shoes in bulk, some of’s featured products included designer brand replicas like Airmax shoes, Gucci belts, designer sneakers, Supreme sneakers, and more.

It is worth mentioning that has a whole range of replicas, which means that you can find not only shoes like the ones mentioned, but also other types of recreation authentic products on this website.

10. (deprecated)

Where to buy replica shoes? Here you can find all the designer shoes you want and more.

It was established in 2006, it is an import and export company, providing global brands with affordable brand name shoes. The parent company is in Hong Kong.

Because it works with world-renowned distributors and trade promoters, it expands the range of products and services to meet the needs of all domestic and international customers. You can buy the designer shoes you want at a lower price if you buy in volume.


The latest highly recommended B2B wholesale marketplace to buy replica shoes is

This is a leading business-to-business media company and a major driver of trade in Greater China. It boasts more than 1.5 million international shoppers, including 94 of the world’s top 100 retailers. uses these services to obtain product and company information to help them make more profit from overseas supply markets.

All that said, if you’re looking for everything to be original and don’t mind the hefty price tag, check out these authentic branded shoes and where to buy them .

Other Online Wholesale (and Retail) Stores

12. Miniinthebox and

Not hundreds but thousands of imitation products that you can see in the link with filters provided. LightInTheBox and its sister MiniInTheBox are not a wholesale store per se, but their inventory of all kinds of items and their Asian roots mean that you can not only find the latest fashion from the rising sun, but practically everything you can imagine. At ridiculous prices.

Of course, prepare to be patient because, as with AliExpress, shipping times can be weeks or even months. But you know, those who laugh last laugh best.

13. Bagsheaven (site deprecated, only Instagram available)

This is a replica e-commerce that can provide you with high-quality brand bags, especially Louis Vuitton or Hermes. That brand name bag that can be a dream for many people, but Bagsheaven can make most people come closer to this dream if they don’t mind dealing through social media.

There are many bags trying to emulate others around the world, but they don’t really look like a luxury bag, they are usually made of cheap materials and dull metal hardware. Bagsheaven offers high quality replica designer bags. For over a decade, Bagsheaven has been creating and designing real replica handbags and has an extensive list of international clients. Now they are rethinking brand and site and, in the meantime, offering a sneak pick at their Instagram channel.

14. eBay

We all know the sales potential of eBay and the millions of imitation items of any kind that private users and small businesses sell on this platform.

But what is not so well-known is their market for luxury replica watches so large that it makes available to us. Just performing an eBay search like this returns over 100 results.

You can find everything from gold wristwatches to digital ones that have been revalued over time as if they were relics. Some can even be considered authentic with all of the law. If you want to find more detailed information, you can do so in our “Where to buy luxury replica brand watches” review .

It goes without saying that this online auction system offers unique advantages to wholesalers and distributors. It gives them the opportunity to optimize sales margins through dropshipping their inventory.

15. Joom

We are not going to extend ourselves in excess because we will have a dedicated article analyzing Joom, but we will anticipate that it is growing in inventory and turnover at a faster rate than almost all sites that we have included in this buying guide, except the number 16 that we will now comment.

16. BangGood

Surely it is the first time you hear about this Chinese marketplace but it will not be the last, because as its name indicates in English, it points and shoots well, very well, by offering an unparalleled wholesale and retail catalog in terms of quality – price and unique and friendly user functionalities on the web and in customer service. You will be able to read a very extensive analysis and buying guide for Banggood in Todolujo soon.


We enter the field of low cost women’s clothing, A.K.A. SHEIN’s hallmark, already super famous among the young public for offering its own groundbreaking designs and prices within reach of those pockets. Many of her seasonal dresses look very similar, each year, to those presented on catwalks  and fashion weeks like the one in Paris previously. Special mention for large sizes, where they are a reference.


Another store created by Chinese entrepreneurs with ridiculous prices, if you know how to look, on items with features and qualities almost equal to those of the original products. Of course, you must be patient because delivery times can go up to 3-4 weeks.

19. GeekBuying

The advantage of GeekBuying over the others is that it has many local warehouses all over the world. In Spain and the European Union, in the USA, in Brazil….and a long etcetera.

From these logistics centers they send both brand and outlet items, and for categories that go beyond fashion, such as smart home, sports and outdoors or consumer electronics, which are the ones that have the most prominence on their website.

20. Zaful

Like SHEIN, the comparative advantage or Unique Selling Point of this store specializing in clothing and shoes is its wide portfolio of suppliers and collaborators, as well as its “in-house” design and manufacturing, ingredients that allow it to offer great value for money.

21. GearBest

This is one of the Asian businesses with the highest sales volume and growth after AliExpress and with a boom in Spain, Brazil and the United States that is leading them to open new stores all over the world every year. The GearBest Review will be one of the most extensive we are going to give away to you for free.

22. Chinavasion

One of the most traditional websites of the Chinese empire. As their name would seem to indicate, they focus on new technologies and futuristic devices, but they do not neglect the wholesale side that concerns us in this guide.

23. Farfetch

Exchanging or buying luxury goods between individuals is already an eccentricity, but what is traded in Farfetch is luxury clothing and also goes like silk, it is something worth trying.

24. Taobao (in Chinese, use a translator)

Although it has not yet made the great leap to the West because its main website is in Mandarin Chinese, it is echoing its growth, among others, thanks to the many intermediaries and translators through which it becomes easier to make purchases at Taobao.

25. YesStyle

Korean clothing store that is becoming very popular not only throughout Asia, but also in the West, taking advantage of the hype that South Korea is having in the export of phenomena such as K-pop or cosplay. More about their online store comng soon.

26. Chic Me

Sexy clothes for women with personality and charisma. It is a brand with great hype among girls between 18 and 30 years old and it is hitting especially hard in Latin America and in some areas of Spain. If you want to try something different, ChicMe is your place.

27. Fairy season

As its name suggests, Fairy Season, or magical season, bases its inventory on the changes in styles that summer, autumn, winter and spring bring. So if you want to buy in large volume, anticipate a few months and repeat the process for each season of the year.

Wholesale risk when buying products and our recommendations

The benefits of buying wholesale replica products are all we already know:

The e-commerce wholesale for copies at a cheap price and the option to sell them at the brand price, thus earning an average price difference, which has a great profit.

The risks

However, this practice is in violation of the law. We must be very careful when considering whether to buy wholesale replicas, as it will involve the following risks:

Selling replica designer products is illegal

Every designer brand has strict and strong measures to protect their brand from copying or plagiarism. Therefore, if the copy business is not authorized by the trademark owner, the merchant is likely to be litigated. If the original product is copied, it is very unfair to the designer and the law protects their rights.

The online store may have closed

Most e-commerce platforms refuse to allow merchants to sell illegitimate items, and once found out, your online store is likely to be shut down or even subject to huge fines.

Awareness has a price

Selling replica designer products will put you in a somewhat unrealistic financial situation. This is very bad for the long-term development of your business.


Given the sheer risk of online replica wholesale sales, we recommend the following:

Stores should try to wholesale only authorized products at a cheap price.

As an entrepreneur, in general, making a profitable business is the driving force and goal of our progress. Yes, the general public loves famous brands, everyone is willing to search for brand clothes, brand shoes, brand bags, etc. Because brand names have great influence, people skip using brand names to show people’s temperament, behavior, and of course, social status.

With brand name products, this can satisfy people’s vanity and humanity. People are willing to spend more money for this. This also gives us many opportunities. This is a business opportunity to make money but for buyers it can also mean falling into a scam trap.

The most common way to buy these products wholesale is to buy them from legitimate suppliers who guarantee genuine but expensive wholesale prices. For merchants with special needs, the price is sometimes not acceptable. So they take another approach which is not desirable: Wholesale designers copy products, which helps to make a lot of profit, but this method is misleading and it will be very important for consumers and businesses to consider the negative impact.

Therefore, we hope that entrepreneurs can purchase products from formal channels as legally as possible to ensure the long-term stable development of business. This is how some of the best known Spanish clothing brands began !

How to wholesale products at a cheap price without any risk? with chinabrands, for example

Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, Chinabrands is a wholesale transportation provider whose main business areas are wholesale products and direct flights to customers around the world.

In addition, you can also access the quality B2B services provided by Chinabrands, where small business owners can get very cheap wholesale prices.

Chinabrands brings together more than 10,000 suppliers around the world to provide products to global distributors, using powerful data systems, API technology and equipment to form a quality sales ecosystem in Chinabrands.

Why choose it?

For companies that legally buy licensed products at a cheap price, they need:

Quality providers

The parent company of Chinabrands is Global Tesco, a company that has grown rapidly since 2007 and has the strength to provide the best suppliers.

Supplier selection process

Supplier qualification inspection, sample sampling, door-to-door sampling, warehouse sampling, the four levels of qualification certification, product inspection can become our supplier in turn. Based on user complaints, the supplier will also carry out sampling procedures according to different standards.

Massive sources

Chinabrands selects more than 10,000 suppliers around the world. This allows you to choose more products, and reasonable competition between suppliers can provide customers with more quality and preferential products.

Competitive price

Due to the cooperation with many quality suppliers, Chinabrands has more than 200 top quality brand suppliers.

By providing high-quality products on sale, you can easily create high-margin, high-profit evaluation models. It is strong enough for its customers, that is, you, to have an absolute advantage in the price of the product and increase the competitiveness of the products in your store.

This way we don’t have to make wholesale copies of branded products, we don’t have to risk the risk of infringement, which is in the best interest of our business.

Also, it is worth mentioning from Chinabrands the following:

Transport service

Yes, you may not be able to believe that apart from wholesale replica purchases, there are good channels to earn money. Therefore, you can try to buy a product directly, because Chinabrands does not have a minimum order quantity for wholesalers.

At the same time, Chinabrands can bring products to its customers. For countless merchants around the world, this is a big surprise, which means merchants can achieve long-term profits with the help of Chinabrands.

Logistics services

When customers place an order in your store, you are free from the hassle of logistics services. Whether you are a business or individual seller, Chinabrands guarantees that your order will be delivered to the customer.

Chinabrands works with world-renowned logistics companies (eg DHL, EMS) and has 40 overseas warehouses in more than 12 states around the world. Strong logistics capabilities ensure that goods are delivered to your customers’ homes within 48 hours, no matter where they are.

Product promotion service

Working with Chinabrands, you will not need to promote your product as everything is done by their team with their affiliate platform that you join.

Customer after-sales service

Chinabrands has well-trained customer service staff and is fluent in the language of 13 countries. They solve the after-sales service problem for the merchant, and you will have a long time to start your business.

To ensure an efficient business model for your company, the model will be very simple.

This is definitely the safest way to earn money than buying replicas online. For something this post has been written from a pool with a mojito in hand.

Finally, if you want to investigate more wholesale stores by country, we recommend reading these other analyses:

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